Revisiting Spring And Summer Fashion Trends

What happened to spring style?

Together with quarantine and COVID-19, It looks like we missed a year of style that is fresh. This is hoping brings a opportunity to slip and show off a number of the trends, we were beginning to get excited about in March.

Let’s revisit those tendencies.

Shorts suits. This is a fun. The choice that is polished is Bermuda style shorts with a coat but go right ahead and combine it up, using a print blazer along with shorts if you would like. Know that pants are back. They are another choice.

White dresses. It is a given that we are likely to see White in summer and spring, but there is something about a snowy dress this season which looks and feels right.

Polka dots.

Crochet. It is lively but may seem sophisticated. Plus it is not something we see.

Bright and beautiful colours. Green, lilac, tangerine, lemon yellow, red, hot pink and Vintage Blue, Pantone’s shade of this year.

Retro prints. Bold florals and patterns seem like they have been taken directly from 1970s furniture or wallpaper.

Strappy floral vases, square foot shoes, contemporary loafers, chunky chain bracelets, protect sunglasses and large bags. Simply say yes to one or maybe more.

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